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on August 17, 2023

“Waymaker, Miracle-Worker, Promise-Keeper, Light in the Darkness…My God, that is who You are…”
It is true—but what about when it doesn’t feel obvious—can you really trust that He is making a way when nothing makes sense, everything feels hard, or the forecast still predicts severe storms up ahead? What about when it seems like He has remembered to tend to everyone around you but you feel unseen, uncertain, or unaccounted for?
For the medical diagnosis that turns your world upside down,
For the relationship you plead to God to mend, restore, or save,
Amidst the transitions of life that feel far too messy + uncomfortable,
When the curve ball you’re navigating feels like you’ll never experience normal again,
For the seasons in life where joy feels strained + you’re weary in spirit,
…For any + every moment in life where the dots don’t seem to be connecting, the hardship seems to be mounting, or the picture of where you are feels far from where you thought you’d be or how you thought this would look—know this—making a Way is WHO HE IS.

Sovereign over the surging seas, He can still them with a simple whisper. When you remember that this same God is holding you + your tomorrow, your soul finds a deep breath again.
Knowing the Waymaker means you get to look past what you see + proclaim what you know: Even here- no, ESPECIALLY here, He is working.
Because when you must depend on the Rock to redeem, restore, + refresh your spirit, chiseling happens.
Your heart learns it’s home. And it finds healing there—healing that anchors itself to Heaven.
Your heart remembers the secret weapon of praise that brings light into every circumstance.
You learn that “the way” He was making was not just what’s around you but He was leading the way within you…and that transforms EVERYTHING.

Sometimes, the way is the storm because you discovered peace was always about His presence.
And that? It never leaves you.
You wear it everywhere you go🤍

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