Be still + trust the goodness of God

on May 22, 2024

Time—it’s both the most pragmatic and ethereal thing known to us…think about it, the notion of moments passing, seasons changing, and years flying by are factual things happening—irrefutable—and yet, time is also the very basis of order, structure, and prophecy coming to pass that is held in the Father’s hand. Though it seems like it’s controlling all, God has always been directing it. Time has and will always belong to the One who established everything.

But when we really want something,
When we are tired of praying the same prayer,
When everyone else around us is holding what we thought we’d have,
When movement is happening but you feel like He’s silent,
When you’ve asked for the heartache to lessen and it still burns,
When you feel like your window of time is dwindling to achieve, step into a role, take advantage of your youth, solidify progress, experience what you’ve prayed for, or whatever it may be, remember that He knows.
When your spirit feels behind or rushed or pressed by the ticking hand, ask God to help you wait. What anthem can you speak over your soul? What do His promises guarantee you? What qualities of His character does He want you to trust?

Being real, nobody wants to wait. It’s hard. And when it is regarding something fragile to us, it feels loud + consuming.
Who would choose to delay experiencing something they long for or holding something they’ve prayed for?
But also, how many of us would have developed the empathetic, tender parts of our hearts towards others and the deep, intimate connection with our Father had we not had to wait? To endure? To trust that He was moving when we couldn’t see it? To believe that goodness can still be on the other side of unanswered prayers?

God is not slow.
You are being FORMED.
If His pace, provision, and positioning is perfect, will you pivot to this question as you wait: “Father, will You align my heart with Yours and give me peace as it shifts?”

I know it feels like the promise is the most vital part to your joy but I assure you it’s not—it’s your trust in the One who will bring it to pass.
A life that isn’t contingent upon outcomes, but God’s presence, is a life that knows JOY.

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