Because God is, you are.

on January 11, 2024

I don’t think we even realize we are doing it…it’s kinda this subconscious tug to conform or question of belonging…i imagine it like this—hang with me for a second—as if we walked around with dry erase boards with our accomplishments written on them and ask, “Do you think that’s enough? Impressive? What should I add? Here’s a marker.” Or we approach conversations with our emotions written as banners, knowing they are terrible guidelines or determinants for any effective meeting. Or we walk around with it blank, and as we scroll social media or take note of those around us, we scribble down what we think we should be—our expectations for our lives become assumptions of our perceptions of other people’s lives.
And we wonder why we feel flaky, insecure, or not as empowered as we hoped.

But—but if we can be adamant about dipping into the sea of grace before we get dressed to go out, we will be reminded that:
• The world presents itself as knowing, sure, and romantic but it offers no lasting security, strength, or sustenance worth pursuing.
• Asking the world if faith makes sense or if obedience looks significant leads to panic of the soul; entering the world knowing faith isn’t supposed to make sense and knowing obedience is the only path towards meaning provides peace beyond understanding.
• The only One who knows your value, capability, and worth is the One who made you and already paid the price for you.
• The enemy wants you to feel fragile so you place your vulnerability n what you can see, touch, and prove; the Potter says that if you will give Him your broken pieces, He will provide a sturdy foundation that no circumstance can steal.
• Your effectiveness is directly tied to your identity; it is impossible to produce fruit for the Kingdom and be disassociated from the vine.

What’s on your white board? Have you maybe left too much room for opinion and need to remind your heart of the thoughts of God? When His promises begin to fill that space, you get to enter situations, conversations, and experiences as a responder to the love you’ve received instead of seeking reassurance from the world that can’t offer you what you’re craving.

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