Before I post, I'll ask myself these questions...

on March 02, 2023

We are in an interesting time, aren’t we?
Overwhelmed with life yet still choosing to be overstimulated.
Yearning for authenticity while striving to curate perceptions of ourselves that tell otherwise.
Social media isn’t bad IF we are healthy. And even then, it’s really hard.
Maybe we be more mindful of others’ hearts + our own:

🤍 Are we trying to wow others? What will this add to our lives? When we seek to impress, we create a rhythm of striving. The real us > the perceived us.


🤍 Are we hoping they wish our life was their life? Truly—at the root—is envy the goal? Because if so, it doesn’t make anyone feel good—we will be temporarily fluffed up, only to be deflated by our inside reality.


🤍 Does it make God smile? It’s not wrong to post the exciting, adventurous, fun, beautiful moments, as long as our motivation is vertical, not horizontal. He loves to see us enjoying life.


🤍 Will our post bring us less joy if others don’t respond or affirm? Operating for fulfillment instead of from it sets us up to strive. However, if we enter with a fulfilled heart, freedom comes + removes any strings attached to the reactions around us.


🤍 Have we asked Jesus about this? Have we prayed about the thing? And then about posting the thing? Communicating with Jesus will always provide clarity.


🤍 Are we protecting the sacred space? There are some things that the world never needs to see, some experiences that are meant to stay private, and some moments that are enriched because the circle stays small. Protecting these, intimacy + trust grows.


🤍 Are we investing in real people in real life, too? This space is good + helpful + inspiring but nothing beats the need + importance of true in-person community. Screens will always provide some level of distance.


🤍 Are we bringing truth + light? Are we speaking just to prove we have a stance, therefore keeping the focus on us? Digging deep, we find insight worth sharing. Always bring life.


🤍 Are we pointing to Jesus? Is Heaven in mind? The right thing said at the wrong time is still the wrong thing. When the motivation of our hearts is for others to be loved by Him, it’s obvious. It protects what we post.

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