Blessings in disguise

on January 19, 2023
You may not realize it—those moments where you feel the tension between knowing something is good for you but also wondering if you’re going to miss out?
Like you don’t quite realize that you’re afraid of missing out until you break it down…all to realize that your concern is that if you stick close to Jesus, you might lose some of the fun + adventure you crave.
Is it possible that by choosing the way of Jesus, you’ll miss out on something good?
Or what about when a shortcut is possible but you know it’s not holy.
Or everyone is going a certain pace, buying a certain thing, or living a certain lifestyle + you feel the pressure to conform, acquire, or join.
Or you know God is asking you to release something that you really like holding onto…it makes you feel important or powerful.

All of these moments bring you to the same question:
“If I choose to remain anchored to the Rock, will I miss out on anything good?”
Temporarily good, pleasurable, + appetizing? Sure. Sure you’ll miss out on that—faith wouldn’t feel like a sacrifice if it always looked + FELT easy.
But will you miss out on anything that’s truly good? The kind of good that seeps deep into the corners of your soul + whispers, “This is why you’re here.” The kind of good that transforms your perspective, shifts your priorities to align with Heaven’s, + forms an unwavering peace within your soul that you KNOW you’re living for the only One who lasts.
That kinda good? Oh no, you won’t miss out on that.
That’s His PROMISE.

Anchor yourself to Him + know the fullness of life.
Anchor yourself to Him + feel the freedom of being fully known.
Anchor yourself to Him + finally release the weight of impressing, performing, or establishing yourself as you stand firm on the One who established the Heavens + the earth.

If you miss out on a social gathering because you were prioritizing what God has called you to—whatever that looks like, GOOD.
If you miss out on a promotion, a higher paying job, a more glamorous role, or a more “credible” position because you’re valuing your peace over your place on the totem pole, GOOD.

ANYTHING you miss out on because you stuck with Jesus is always a blessing in disguise.
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