Break it with gratitude

on February 15, 2024

You wouldn’t call it complaining because…well…that doesn’t sound tasteful. You’re just voicing what you THOUGHT was going to happen? Or you’re just letting someone know how you thought they were going to deliver + the ways it fell short, right?
But then all the sudden, your critical eye that began as a strength + allowed you to highlight ways to improve + pursue excellence becomes your filter upon life itself.
Complaining is one of those sneaky robbers that convinces you they’re a warranted visitor, amidst slowly packing up your joy + your passion + your awareness + your peace in their bag, and all the sudden they’ve made the place that used to be warm + inviting, a sterile, hard place to operate.
Because that’s what complaining does—it discourages your spirit, distracts you from your true purpose, dilutes your passion, + dampens your joy as it rehearses the things you don’t prefer or the problems you see.
And hear me out—I’m not saying feedback isn’t warranted or that voicing unmet expectations isn’t necessary…but is it your banner?
What consumes your thought life, and therefore, your prayer life?
What captivates your attention upon entering a room?
What creates your posture before entering a conversation, issue, or situation?

So…how do you break it? You practice gratitude. Regardless of whether it feels normal in the moment, you give breath to how you see God moving. You talk about His faithfulness all the way here + His promises for every step you’ll take hereafter.

How do you ensure that gratitude can be a habit, even when you don’t like your circumstances?
You let your thankfulness stem from WHO God is instead of how you assume He will show up.

Gratitude removes the scales from your eyes as you fight to see the good—and then? Goodness makes itself more known.
It unlocks your supernatural vision so that you can see His tenderness tending to roots beneath the surface—and through your work to cultivate a thankful heart, you become MOST thankful for the things He is doing that NOBODY sees. The sacred work.

Being a person of praise doesn’t mean you ignore reality; it just means that Heaven is the most real and it determines all else.

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