Breathe in peace and strength. Breathe out joy and love.

on January 08, 2024

Another Monday, another M I R A C L E 💫
Another chance to hold the hand of the One who always knows exactly where He is going—the One who knows the beginning to the end,
Another opportunity to open our eyes to the wonders that surround us—how the stars align and light up every night, how natures systems gives way to everything else, and how the King of Heaven and earth would leave the 99 to find the one. How is it so? And yet it is.

Jesus, thank You!!!!!!!! Thank You, thank You, thank You.
As we voice our blessings and make our souls aware of the provision around us, our worries seem to lessen and our resolve seems to strengthen. Fixing our eyes on You, we feel the grace to travel lightly, just as You ask us to do.

Will You give us laser focus this week!? We have the confidence of knowing You have prepared us for this place—now, help us walk it out. Show us what to remove and strip away, leaving nothing entangling our bodies, minds, or hearts in places that rob us of the energy and strength we need for the present.
Thank You for being clear and honest—You are not a God of confusion; sometimes, we just need margin to listen, learn, and respond to Your lead. Slow us down so we can make this a habit.

Jesus, as we return to You, we find rest. We remember our identity and our inheritance and that it is sealed without possibility of negotiation or removal. We are safe. Jesus, in You we receive refreshment, replenishment, and reassurance that holiness is worth every sacrifice it requires because there is nothing greater or more important than looking more like You.
Being chiseled—slowly but surely—we welcome the raw process of transformation as we swim in the grace that surrounds it.

Breathing in peace and strength, we find our footing. Ahhhh—good ground. Security. Hope. Peace. Warmth.
Breathing out joy and love, we find our purpose. Ahhhhh—meaning. It is here. No where else. Giving out of overflow—thankful.

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