Change—a necessary ingredient

on October 03, 2023

You think you like the comfort of the shore, right?
The view feels predictable, the waves stay at bay, the accommodations are known, and you feel like you know what to expect, right?
But then—life.
The tides shift and you know change is coming, that it’s necessary, and that it’s good, but there are so many questions lingering.
Or you had no plans to pack up quite yet and the tsunami of change arrives without knocking, hijacking your sense of control and making you feel totally out of your element.

Either way, you’re here.
You start to adjust and adapt and accommodate and learn your authority in this new place.
You find that you are far more capable in certain areas than you realized, as your comfort zone became a crutch you hadn’t previously realized.
You discover God’s design in fresh ways, tapping into the places and people and provision around you and you nod your head and smile—because you know that this color palette was only possible through the force of change.
Uncertainty births unexpected courage, unrealized creativity, and unmatched confidence in the One guiding you. Because you can no longer connect the dots like you once thought, You learn to abide in the Connector’s hand.
That’s where the magic happens.

Change is the ingredient necessary to help you remember that your safety, your security, and your source has never been in the place your feet are walking, the people that surround you, the predictability of your circumstances, or even the promises you thought would come to pass—but in Jesus.
Him and Him alone.
The One who helps you learn your new way,
find the light when it feels dark,
seek out adventure when your heart feels stagnant,
embrace the current instead of fighting it,
experience deeper fulfillment than ever before,
And really understand that your comfort has always been in Him.
And He is with you in the change, every step of it.

Take heart.
Eyes up.
Mind steady.
Feet available.
Hands free.
Spirit expectant.

Change usually feels hard and a little scary but you will see that the transition you were hoping to avoid became the transformation you’ve been praying for.

God is strong in you 🤍 Embrace the change.

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