Chaos can't take the peace of the Great Shepherd.

on October 10, 2023

I don’t know how to speak to this in a way that feels sufficient or even what to say; however, as a believer, I don’t know how to speak to anything BUT this right now. The weight is so heavy. The horrific events happening to the beloved people of Israel feel so immense—too loud, too violent to be possible, too evil to comprehend—how did we get here? How can it be so? Lord, help us! What can we even pray for? We are called to show up—but how can we make sure our voices are aid to those in need instead of noise to promote division and calamity?
It’s so much.

As believers, it is so very important for us to open our eyes, read the pages of Scripture, + know the significance of times like this.
We must do that. And our Father, who knew of every corrupt + heinous thing before it took place—He has not abandoned His people.
There is no one whose heart is breaking more than God’s heart.
Watching darkness try to expel, intimidate, + annihilate the light, I know we can’t comprehend His mourning.
The person of love—I cannot fathom His pain watching His very creation walk out the prophecy He wish didn’t have to occur.

But I also know He’s listening. It feels insensitive to be hopeful in a way, doesn’t it? When you know the pain, abuse, + gut wrenching brutality is so immense—but also, how can we afford to not be hopeful?
The only answer to a shattered world is the hope of Heaven.
Darkness is a heavy-hitter who makes lots of noise + wants everyone to know they’re present because they know they can’t stay long when light infiltrates.

We must let the fear of God write our headlines instead of the fear of man.
Jesus, help us. Lord, we pray for Israel and for Gaza and for every morsel of land that holds the feet of Your people. Show us how to show up. Help us persist in prayer—believing You hear us and that YOU CAN HEAL anything. Open blind eyes. We pray for Your divine protection + sovereign covering over Israel. Hold them close. We declare a new banner of hope + freedom where man stamps fear + control. You are supreme. May the shadow of Your wings canvas the corners of every space, bringing comfort in chaos + peace that defies all. Light wins. In Jesus name, Amen.

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