Christmas Eve reminds us that...

on December 24, 2023

We’ve been told He is coming.
This Messiah, the King, the One who will bring redemption and ensure restoration and offer refreshment to a lost and lonely world?
Yes, Him! That Savior. The only One.
The One who knows all and sees and all and still chooses to love all as He says, “Them. They are why I’m coming.”

Christmas Eve reminds us that our wait isn’t fixated on a loose promise that requires our performance; we are waiting on a loving Promise-keeper that simply wants our availability.

Christmas Eve ensures our weary souls that hope isn’t in jeopardy; hope is a person and His name is Jesus.
And on this long-anticipated day, Mary and Joseph knew they carried a promise that would soon set the whole world free.
Because if this was the Messiah? If this really was Emmanuel? Then everything was about to change.
They surrendered to His will, knowing the sacrifice it required from them.
They believed.
They trusted.
The angels confirmed.
This baby is Jesus and He will soon be here!
This baby that Mary carried would soon carry the weight of the world on His shoulders.
Could it be???

So, as we wait on our own promise, whatever it is and wherever we are and however long we have been waiting, we can take great comfort in knowing the Deliverer.
His timing is perfect.
His ways are unexplainable.
And His goodness is absolute, having nothing to do with us and everything to do with Him—Jesus, the hope of glory.
We rest in our waiting because we know that the greatest promise made on this day so many years ago? That Jesus would soon come for us?
Well, we know how this story goes 🌟
It is the greatest story ever told.

Waiting…hoping…believing…that Jesus is on His way 🤍

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