Comparison will make you feel small

on March 23, 2023

When you’ve had your hand to the plow and your reality feels mundane,
When you’ve been persevering through a season when your efforts feel unseen,
When you wonder if you’re really utilizing the gifts God has given you,
When you feel frustrated by the lack of progress but you know He’s called you to the process,
When everyone else seems to be running full-steam ahead and your life feels like it’s in slow motion, remember this: His plans for your life will never be found in someone else’s lane.

And isn’t it true? That what others seem to be receiving, the answers they seem to be finding, the things they seem to be discovering, and the outcomes they seem to be experiencing seem more enticing than yours…or more promising…or more exciting…or more successful…or more whatever it may be.
Because the enemy knows that if he can distract your gaze from your own steps and get you sidetracked with wondering the direction, pace, or awards of those around you, you will lose steam.
He knows that it’s really hard to run a race when your focus is off—not because you aren’t capable or equipped or able or nimble enough, but because your eyes are on the wrong place.

Comparison will make you feel small, rob you of contentment, and convince you to shrink back out of fear of not measuring up…OR tell you to go into overdrive on the gas pedal and miss the view the entire way.
God knows the temptation. He knows that the visible assumptions made of the race of others are often not accurate, terrible gauges for your own.

Refuse it today.
Realign your focus.
Redirect your mind.
Resettle your spirit.
Replant your feet.
Reassure your heart that you’re not missing it. You’re not lost in the shuffle, behind the time, irrelevant, or not fast enough.
God is AT WORK!
Trust what He’s doing inside of you.
Keep your hand to the plow and believe that He knows the due season; the hard work is worth the harvest.
And the greatest fruit is often the holiness produced within you as you yearned for the finish line.

Where you are is GOOD, solid ground. God’s got you 🤍

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