Does this heal my heart or hurt it?

on October 03, 2023

It’s in the little things…the momentary decisions that don’t feel that big but become very important…it’s that decision to open wide the door or decide it needs to be shut once more…the door of your heart—what are you letting in?
Scripture calls it the WELLSPRING of LIFE.
In other words, the fountain—the SOURCE of the unlimited supply.
It determines what flows and therefore, what lives and what dies.

Isn’t it interesting how quickly you recognize destruction, manipulation, and danger when it comes to your physical home? The fragility of something tangible is easier to see, because it’s consequence is immediately visible. If it’s not cared for, it tarnishes. If it’s not protected, it suffers. If it’s abused, it shows. If it’s destroyed, it’s permanent.
But with your heart, it feels harder to understand…to call out and then to respond accordingly. Because there are many things the world deems “okay” that are toxic and others the world encourages that actually promote your brokenness, it’s hard to gauge what should stay and what should go.

Or imagine the door to your physical home was never locked, and even further, left open.
What you may originally view as acceptance, kindness, or mercy becomes the very avenue to your removal of boundaries, invitation to chaos, and reasoning for your lack of peace.

Who is speaking into your heart? Consciously + subconsciously?
Who is hanging out at the table of your soul? Do they feed your well-being?
What is allowed through the doors of the place where JESUS LIVES?

If you chose to vigilantly protect your heart today, what might change? Less social media time? A removal of knocking for affirmation from a friend? Your choice in what you watch or listen to? More time in the Word?

It’s not dramatic to say—EVERYTHING you do + say is affected by the health of your heart.
Feeling like the water flow is compromised or the purity is contaminated? Check the source.
Is the filter for courage or conformity?
For impressing people or inviting His presence?
For eternal purpose or earthly pleasure?
For your health or temporary happiness?

Your heart is vital. It’s a wellspring. It’s full of LIFE. Protect it.

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