Don't carry offense today.

on April 25, 2023

The rude interaction from someone you saw this morning,
The comment you weren’t expecting from your spouse,
The assumption you’re making about being left out from an invite,
The tinge of bitterness you feel about someone not living up to their end of the bargain,
The frustration you feel towards another for things not working out,
The jealousy you’ve let brew from the filter you’ve created for someone else’s life,
The feedback you’ve received that you feel is invalid,
Or whatever sting of offense you feel inside of you—today—you get to choose to release it.
Not because it isn’t warranted,
Not because your feelings aren’t valid,
Not because what they did is okay,
Rather—because offense keeps you from being present in YOUR day.

Letting offense go is the opposite of letting someone get away with it; rather, it is the decision to not let your day be determined by it.
If it needs a conversation, have that conversation. Immediately.
And then move forward, removing any in unnecessary bricks from your bookbag and creating room for what you actually need to carry—allowing for margin to hear God, respond to Him, and be available wherever He calls.

Have you noticed how when you choose to be unoffended by something, it fuels your tank even more? You feel yourself walking in the power of the Spirit and you think, “YES! This is it!”
That courage breeds more courage.
That awareness excites your soul as you realize that your circumstances + the actions of others actually don’t get to determine the weather for your day.
They want to be a cloud? Let them. YOU choose sunshine.

It takes practice. It’s a muscle—to feel the sting of an emotion and walk in the power of the Holy Spirit:
But when you do, you will realize how strong God is in you.

Exceptionally effective.
Powerfully present.
And a giver of extreme, lavished, Heavenly grace.

Let. It. Go. Keep your energy for what matters and watch the Lord take care of others 💫

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