Don't confuse your capacity with God's capacity.

on November 01, 2023

It’s not revolutionary.
We’ve talked about it before.
We KNOW that we can’t do it all. We’ve tried and we’ve failed.
But sometimes, when our emotions are heightened, we tend to confuse our own capacity with our Heavenly Father’s.
Because we feel so beat down, buried by obligations, consumed by commitments, or just worn out by navigating the previous chapters of our lives, we assume that maybe He is tapping out on us, too.

Emotions are powerful and necessary but they are horrible dictators of truth and unreliable guides for our future.
And above every emotion, I think we feel tired of feeling that emotion, right?
We feel TIRED. Tired of being exhausted in and of itself. Tired of feeling frustrated, tired of feeling bitter, tired of feeling sad, tired of feeling anxious—just tired.
And we let that tiredness become a filter over our own spirit, forgetting who the real authority is in every situation.

How do miracles happen?
When people, places, + particulars reach the end of their rope and God steps in, covering gaps, creating highways from oceans, and calming His children as they remember control has always been His.

Wisdom realizes our own capacity. Faith relies on God’s capacity.
One REQUIRES the other.
The end of our rope is necessary in order to stretch out our tired arms and grab hold of His.
Because we only cling to His when we know ours can’t sustain.
This doesn’t mean that we over commit or cram our lives; rather, it means we trust God to fuel us + fortify us for what we had called us to.
It means we humble ourselves under His authority, trusting that the One who aligned the stars can connect, correct, + clarify what is needed to walk in victory.

It would make sense that we often feel like we can’t handle life or the “a lot” that’s in our hands—our eyes are on our own abilities + focused on our own shortcomings.
Our antidote? Fearing God. Being so acutely aware of His presence + His power, gleaning a perspective of “A miracle is about to take place.”

He’s aware of your lack and your need. His bandwidth is not compromised + the trustworthiness of His promises is not jeopardized.

Cling to His rope. His capacity is GREAT in you.

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