Entering this week confidently + humbly

on June 12, 2023

Another Monday, another M I R A C L E 💫
Another chance to wake up and operate from a victory mindset, knowing that the King of Kings has already cleared the way.
Another fresh slate to let the mistakes of our yesterdays and the bitterness of the past go and jump head first into what God has for us now.
Present-minded, knowing the Promise-Keeper is handling every particular we will miss.

Jesus, thank You.
It is overwhelming to think about everything You’ve already done for us and then to know that it will never stop—we want so badly to earn it or strive for it but Your grace assures us it is a gift.
No strings attached or disclaimers that we missed. Just overflowing mercy that meets us and guides us forward.

Will You show us how to be acutely aware of Your presence, especially in the loud and hard spaces? Heighten our awareness and then help us call it out, letting the praise from our lips bring courage to our hearts.
Even when we are navigating the middle of a storm—which You promised would come—we can look up at the front of our ship and see You.
You’re here—Emmanuel, God with us.
You’re not afraid. You’re resting. You know the end of this story so the in-between is simply a journey.
Show us how to practically leave the watchtower of worry and go sit with You.
Talking with You about the adventures that await, hope + comfort flood our soul.

Guide us in speaking words of life and treating others how You treat us. No tally marks, forgiving all, letting go of all anger + bitterness, may our hands be tender and kind.
How incredible that You let us take part in Your healing process—edifying, encouraging, carrying another’s burdens, praying for + with, and pointing them to You and Your unshakable Kingdom.
It is healing for them and us.
Strip the scales from our eyes in any area they remain. We want to see the world as You see it so that we can walk in alignment with Your will.
Surrendered + safe. SURE of purpose with every step—what a blessing.

Thank You for every moment that is ahead.
You move mountains with Your voice and You restore health with the touch of Your hand.

We enter confidently + humbly, grateful to be called Yours.

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