Faith > Fear

on April 02, 2024

I watched his little eyes trace the outline of the plane, taking in all the sights, sounds, and stimulation around him. The planes circling around the airport and each landing their runway—He was mesmerized.
We had readied him for this moment, showing him pictures of airplanes, making sounds, and talking about all the exciting experiences they provide for people all over the place. We had talked about the program we were going to @kinactive_kids and all the new friends he would meet as he walked in courage and learned new things.
But as I watched him in this moment, I was reminded that Sledge had been prepared by someone so much wiser, bigger, more powerful, and more tender than us—He had been prepared by His Heavenly Father.

As we boarded the plane, unfamiliarity and discomfort heightened as more people in smaller spaces increased.
I knew the sounds would be a lot for him so I tried to stay close to his ear as I whispered, “Do you see Jesus? He’s here!”
I knew that asking him a question would help ping his curiosity instead of a statement that felt hard to hang onto in a circumstance he had never navigated.
As he waved to everyone and we got situated, an overwhelming peace flooded my body.

“I hear You, Father. I’m ready, too.”
Our gracious, loving, + ever-present Father had not just been preparing him for this moment + this journey ahead; He had been preparing me too.
Possibly first, actually. Knowing that I would be the mama hands holding sledge on this side of Heaven, my soul knew this was an adventure to be enjoyed, not an obstacle to be overcome.
And He had prepared our whole family, too. Generations woven into a moment—that’s the power of Heavenly tapestry.

I think Goliath always seems big and our stones always seem small at first. If not, we wouldn’t lean into our faith as we stepped forward.
But as show up on whatever battlefield our life is requiring us to, we are reminded that everything we fear must submit to the God we serve. Peace floods. Joy returns. Hope strengthens. Perseverance resolves. Courage grows. And faith? It becomes what it must—faith.

And so we went, readied, expectant, + hope-filled.
Jesus is here and where we are going ✈️

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