Fearing people brings restlessness + worry.

on April 04, 2023

It will work until it doesn’t.
You will please them until you don’t,
The affirmation will fill your cup until you find yourself empty, once again, and utterly exhausted from the process.
And even when from the outside, you’re “winning”, fearing people will remain the trap that leaves your soul restless, wondering why you aren’t walking in the satisfaction that the glitter and glamour promised you.

You see, fearing God is not just a commandment because it keeps you away from harm, it is the parameter which actually helps you enjoy life.
Fearing God trusts His boundary lines, ensuring your protection.
Fearing God believes His promises, cultivating your hope.
Fearing God surrenders to His timeline, removing the pressure from your shoulders.
Fearing God silences the chatter of the crowd, stripping the need to strive and perform.
Fearing God prioritizes eternity, shaping a constant perspective of what lasts + matters.
Fearing God elevates service above success, ensuring a legacy worth leaving,
Fearing God trusts that His creation is sound, increasing your confidence + strength.
Fearing God trusts His Word, rooting you in the Rock that is never moved by the storms.
Fearing God treasures His presence, allowing you to learn His heart, trust His ways, and be reminded that His Kingdom is unshakable.

Tired from trying to people-please? Frustrated by your lack of contentment from living for the expectations of others? Anxious because the volume of others’ voices is louder than the One who made you?
Reassess. Decide to fear God, whatever it requires of you. There may be some that get disappointed, don’t understand, or discourage your “radical” change of pace, direction, or affection—that’s okay.
They will soon see that your integrity preserved your way and that fearing God leads to walking in the Spirit, which is the ONLY way to experiencing the peace your soul is craving.

Want safety? Security? Serenity deep within the chambers of your heart? Fear God—He is all of that and more.

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