Flexibility reveals your faith is in the Who

on March 05, 2024

It’s one thing to talk about it—it’s another to actually walk it out—you know, the need to be flexible and bend towards what God asks of you or what life requires of you.
Like when you make a plan but the weather or budget don’t support it,
Or when you organize your day + prioritize accordingly and the decisions of others affect your ability to adhere to it,
Or when you have prayed and prayed and prayed for a door to open or something to change and here you are, still the same view,
Or when tragedy strikes or hurdles pop up that weren’t previously mentioned and you weren’t ready for these uncharted waters,
Or when the season you’re in feels way longer than you thought and you’re having to adjust how you swim so you don’t drown in deep waters,
Or whatever it may be…just the continual detours that life presents because the reality is—most of the circumstances and seasons that shape us are the ones we couldn’t have predicted, wouldn’t have prayed for, and continually wonder, “How will I persevere?”

But in both the big and the small, faith is revealed by your flexibility.
It sounds so simple but it is so very hard sometimes.
To he honest, this is something I am wrestling with the Lord about right now…realizing how much I want just an inkling of control over my schedule or what the future looks like or Sledge’s health, etc…all to realize, it is often not my reality that cripples me—it is my expectations of what I thought it SHOULD be. Or—I let myself get too married to the pictures of those around me or my own picture based on my severely limited perspective…but trusting God with my canvas means I have no idea what the end result will be.
It just means I’m committed to the process because I know the painter is good. It means I’m willing to pivot because I see that His color palette introduces colors + hues I didn’t know existed. It means I release control of the outcome and I find freedom in the living…joy in the doing…peace in the being.

So much of life will fall in the category of the “unexpected.”
But the more that we attach ourselves to the WHO and not the what, when, why, and how, the more we can get excited about not knowing because He already does 🤍

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