Focus isn't a luxury; it's a necessity.

on June 01, 2023

I KNOW—there’s too much going on to do this, right? If you don’t constantly multitask, you can’t possibly get it all done and the list is long!
But have you ever considered that maybe there are some things that you could be highly more effective, quick, and productive with if you laser focused in and really harnessed your mind on one thing at a time?
Is this always possible? No. I’m aware. That’s life. And oftentimes, our seasons call us to more demanding uses of our time then we’d like.
But it is possible sometimes. It is possible more often than you’re doing it now, right?

Maybe you put your phone on focus mode, you minimize your tabs, and you diligently tend to one task?
Maybe you’re playing with your kids while trying to mentally sort through life’s other needs + upcoming expectations…so maybe you choose to be present + REALLY delight in what they’re up to for an hour or two?
Maybe you just eat your meal without scrolling or watching something and you let your mind have a break?

I think we have so compromised our normal with the amount of inputs we have and then get frustrated with ourselves with the fragmented, frazzled, and fickle output we can give.
But our brains and our bodies need some help.
It’s really hard to drive proactively in one direction when your focus is split in a million different lanes.

What are you + the Holy Spirit capable of when you actually focus on one thing in front of you?
Probably more than you’d expect, realize, + know!


Culture tells us that focus is a luxury; however, in order to have a pace and a posture that can operate in peace, focus is a necessity.
But you’ll have to fight for it.
You’ll have to trust that the balls that you drop while you’re prioritizing one thing—God can catch those.
Chances are, honing in on true priorities + offering your undivided attention will help you know what can + should be released.

What tabs can you close from 8-9am?
What about from 2-3pm?
If you’re not touching it, try your best to release it. Mentally babysitting your to-do list strips you of your much needed energy for the present.

You have a sound mind—the mind of Christ. This isn’t too hard for you 🤍

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