Genuine, lasting connection

on September 19, 2023

You don’t mean to contribute your opinion but you feel yourself wanting to connect and relate,
Or maybe a wrong-doing happened and it’s easy to chime in on how someone has fallen short or messed up,
Or maybe you mention something to others in conversation and give yourself the excuse of, “well it’s basically common knowledge.”
But that’s not the question Jesus wants you to ask when deciding when you’ll speak or what you’ll say…the question is this:
“Does it benefit those who are listening?”
“Does it positively contribute to the securing of the needs around you?”
If not, His advice?
Don’t let it come out of your mouth. Keep it in.

You see, your language about others has the power to affect the perspective others hold—of both you and that other person.
And nine times out of ten, your lack of honor for those around you makes other people lose respect for you, not them.
When you desire to honor God above proving a point or convincing others of something regarding someone else, you’re letting God be your vindicator, your advocate, and your judge. You’re trusting that He appoints and assigns and affirms as He sees fit and how that happens for others is none of your business.

Want genuine, lasting connection? Don’t talk about people, dream about ideas! Discuss the prayers of your heart. Work through problems without minimizing those if involves.

Want to be an example to others? Be given the opportunity to speak poorly of someone + refuse to take it. When you are wronged + you truly let God deal with it, your maturity + faith is revealed.

Also, it’s honestly so much better and more fun and less isolating to be kind + inclusive.
You don’t need to pull anyone else down in order to rise up.
Build up others with your words, planting them in grace + saturating them in truth—this will bring honor to Jesus and help your own soul.
Restlessness is the result of a mouth that lacks the walls of self-control; peace is the power given to a tongue that talks to Jesus before it tells anyone anything.

Be one of those people!!!!!! Be kind and forgiving when others don’t deserve it. See the good + speak it—it’ll bless everyone around you 🌟

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