God is laser focused on you.

on June 20, 2024

I felt this so heavy on my chest this morning—knowing it was for me and for you and for us. Feeling the weight of importance that we are reminded: HE IS TAKING CARE OF YOU. Of US.
Fully and completely and without flaw, He is.

The beauty + complexity + brilliance of the Father + His good news is that it covers every personal situation and scenario we ever find ourselves in—ones that feel small and others that feel utterly consuming and overwhelming.
But because His sovereignty is applicable to everyone, sometimes we tell ourselves it’s no longer personal.
Like a blanket generalization that we can somehow be the exception from or that our lives may be the piece of the pie that isn't “tended to” as much.
But God can’t be anything other than God. At all moments. In every space and in every season and amidst every struggle.
When the rain keeps pouring,
When the feedback continues to be hard to receive,
When the relationships aren’t getting better,
When the doors feel like they’re cemented shut,
When everyone else seems to be celebrating what you’ve yearned for,
When “life feels like a lot” just seems to be where you’ve landed + you don’t know why,
You need a reprieve. A reset. A renewal. Is a refresh even possible when you feel like this?

The interesting thing is, I don’t think a lot of us even know we feel this way. We just feel worn out and weary; and sometimes, we have SO MUCH that we feel like these emotions are unwarranted and crazy. So we stuff them down and convince ourselves our hearts aren’t where they are—they’re in need. Yearning for intimacy. Quietly asking the Father, “Have you overlooked me?”

He hasn’t.
Even when the rain keeps coming, the sun never leaves.
And when it’s “happening for everyone else,” their God is your God, too. Where He assigns, appoints, adjusts, + approves is fully trustworthy.
What does He see?
Your HEART! The wellspring. The deep places that only He can speak belonging + hope into.

If you want to know if He sees you, look at Him.
His eyes, crystal clear + fully focused on you, smiling, warm, all-knowing as He whispers, “This will lift.”
And in a moments time, amidst all you feel, you know it will, too.

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