God is tender + timely

on June 02, 2024

Full heart 🤍 God is so tender and timely, isn’t He?
Will and I were talking on the long car ride home traveling back from the most beautiful wedding this weekend and (amidst tuning into a million baseball games- so much good ⚾️ right now!! 👏🏻), we were discussing some questions that really helped me process the week ahead. Sunday scaries (and anxiety in general) have a great way of masking itself in a looming way so you have trouble identifying the culprit or communicating about where you’re at…but questions help 😊
Also, bringing specifics to your goals/time/hopes allows you to really envision you + God in that space and breathes possibility into it!
Is the week ahead full of uncertainties? YES! For all of us. Because none of us are in control—but haven’t we seen? That’s a good thing!!! We can absolutely trust the One who is.

Here are a few that helped us process 🤍

1. When did you let an offended spirit cloud your view last week?
2. Is there a concern that you have let become a worry? Will you give that back to God?
3. What is one way that you felt loved this past week?
4. Is there an area where you feel unseen by God or others?
5. Is there a place where your tone or temperament needs to be recalibrated to reflect Jesus?
6. Did your phone get more attention than the people in your life?
7. How can you open your eyes to the hand of God around you this week?

A lot of times, it’s just that your heart, mind, and soul need a quick convo with Jesus before bed, remembering that you can rest and good things are ahead.
If it is true that He has prepared you…goes before you…walks with you…travels behind you…protects you on every side—you need not be afraid of any moment ahead.

It’s going to be a good week! Grateful for God’s patience with our hearts.

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