Goodness greeted me the moment I woke up

on January 15, 2024

Another Monday, another M I R A C L E 💫
Another chance to take a step back and remember all that we’ve been given and all that He’s done—and then build a life on that gratitude and praise.
Another new beginning to experience His kindness through His people, His provision, and His power despite ourselves.

Jesus, thank You!
We know this week isn’t like any other, no matter how hard the enemy tries to paint it as mundane or monotonous.
You have big, important plans for our hearts, hands, and hope this week.
Will you help us settle our souls in You before we enter any place, begin every conversation, and with every interaction?
We get to set the gauge for our own atmosphere, not letting the temperature around us determine how we operate.
Your posture—anchored in joy, secured by peace.
Your pace—established through trust, driven by patience.
Your purpose—inherited by kindness, rooted in compassion.
Your perspective—gained through wisdom, protected by hope.
These are true for us in every season and every situation. That is SO powerful.

The waves will come this week but we will not be afraid. No longer getting tossed and turned by the crashing around us, we develop greater resolve within us.
Our flesh will fail but we expect that—the Holy Spirit will catch us. Mend us. Restore us. Revive us. Refine us. Cheer for us. Guide us. Empower us. Hold us. Deliver us. Heal us.
He will do everything we need.
The waves will be opportunities—no longer anxious inside, we find new rhythms for our soul.

Instruct us on how to take Your yoke as we walk forward—light, easy, and secure.
No pressure, just power applied in the right place.
Eyes on You, heart full of joy, and a reinvigorated desire to do the hard work because it no longer feels stressful—it is an expression of utter gratitude that You have taken the weight.

Grateful. Grateful that we are Yours and Heaven is home.

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