Grateful, blessed, and proud to be an American

on July 04, 2024


Is it the perfect place?
No, because then people wouldn’t exist in it.
Broken, flawed, imperfect people who are often doing the best they know how with the cards they’ve been dealt, the knowledge that they have, and the circumstances they’re navigating.

And yes, there is much devastation. Discord. Disagreement. Division. Distortion of truth. Delusion. Delinquent decisions made out of selfishness, scarcity, and shortsighted perspectives of what is true, right, or helpful.
And because we all get to scroll, we see that pattern reported on, highlighted, and illuminated.
But, this is also true:
Dreams are still being fought for + achieved.
Processes are being edited, added, + implemented to ignite real change.
Strength is being discovered in places + people that once only knew sadness + somber realities.
Hearts are being softened towards hurdles others face + help that must be extended.
Kindness is being prioritized, breaking through judgement, societal patterns, and preconceived notions.
Communities are being built that allow for vulnerability, provide protection, encourage souls, + strengthen the infrastructure of the whole.
People are waking up to what must be done to advance the Kingdom, forgoing their own palace + treasures.

God is moving in this land.
When darkness feels imminent, it is always a setup for His glory. You don’t surprise the King.

I’m grateful, blessed, and proud to be an American.
Not because I agree with everything or everyone but because love doesn’t require that. Just Jesus.
And He is on the throne.
And as we receive His love, we learn how to fight for a better tomorrow for everyone.

God Bless the United States of America 🇺🇸🤍

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