Have you asked Him for help?

on August 22, 2023

Have you noticed how you tend to think of the help that God offers as more “ethereal”? Or that maybe it’s not as practical as help you would get from those you can see in the flesh, right?
It’s easy to think that His assistance is more of the “pray about it longer + seek Me harder” when you need actual, tangible help now! And therefore, you forget to ask Him.
Or you think it’s not a “spiritual enough” request to go to His feet.
For the job decision you have to make regarding finances…
For the conversation you need help wording so you can be gentle with the hearts around you…
For the relationship question or desire that has plagued your heart and keeps you up at night…
For the scheduling pragmatics with your kids so you aren’t a human taxi with your hair on fire always one straw away from breaking…
For the health concern you are trying to navigate alone or the energy you need for this new capacity…
For the friendship you’re working on building but feel a little silly for thinking so much…
For the immediate need that you are looking for provision over…
Do you see?
There are a million things.
Small and big, some affecting a lot of people and others just affecting you (which actually in turn affect a lot of people 😊), some that feel monstrous + super difficult and others that are little decisions but you still aren’t sure of the way.
ALL of them—He is your helper.

Do you know that this why He sent the Holy Spirit? Literally, so that you could have a best friend that would never leave you, always be available, + be the greatest source of wisdom you could ever have access to.

Imagine someone that could see ALL—all things, all plans, all people, all future battles—ALL of it. He’s stepped in every space + navigated every kind of uncharted waters. And every day, in every circumstance, He hugs you + asks, “How can I help you sort through this? What do you need?”
And instead of asking—you turned away. You disqualified His help, afraid you were asking for too “practical” of advice or something that wasn’t His forte.
It sounds crazy and yet…it is what we do.
But He is here…waiting…yearning to do what He was sent for.
It is His JOY + our pathway to delight.
Ask Him.

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