He can bring order + peace wherever you are

on April 09, 2024


All of it matters.
I know—it feels hard to believe that the King of the Universe cares about the details of your everyday—but it is true.
It’s His favorite and His priority to know the particulars of His people, the fears of His flock, the sacred hopes of His sheep, and the intimate moments of those He made.
He is so deeply connected to you and aware of the corners of your heart that even you hide from yourself—His presence is in the place before you realize the need and His grace is covering the gap before you realize the ground you must cover.

When life is hard or circumstances feel heavy or the logistics feel like a lot, it may feel as though you’re having to figure it out alone.
Maybe it’s the change in school systems for your kids,
Maybe it’s the shift of priorities with work and life,
Maybe it’s the connection in your marriage,
Maybe it’s the medical logistics you’re trying to navigate,
Maybe it’s the weird distance you feel in a friendship,
Maybe it’s the confusion you feel about the prayer that still isn’t answered,
Maybe it’s the disparity between the life you’re experiencing and the one you expected,
Maybe it’s the hard space of navigating a season you wish was over,
Maybe it’s the constant struggle of trying to align schedules and figure out time,
whatever it is, it is on your Father’s heart.
He knows the need. He is aware of every desire. He sees what is behind, current, and ahead. He doesn’t just have access to everything you’re searching for, He IS it.

The way He delegates, delivers, directs, and divinely handles details are often His love letter back to you that says:
“See…I was always there. I saw the tension you felt…and as the One who loves you most, I felt it more. I was moving…roots were being formed…the overwhelm forced the surrender and that is grace over you.
If not a grain goes missing from My hand, will You choose to entrust me with what’s in yours?”

Maybe, today, you let the mountain of details traveling around in your head sit at the Savior’s feet and You ask Him to put the puzzle pieces together.
Because if you commit to the ORDER of priority He has asked of you, He can bring peace + strength to any place.

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