He is here. Take heart.

on February 02, 2023

Hey you…
Wherever you find yourself,
Whatever is in your bag for the day ahead,
However your journey is looking right now,
Whatever it is that you find yourself searching for, needing, crying out for, missing, longing for—whatever it is, Jesus is it.
You don’t have to pack up your things, find a new situation, attain a new accolade, reach a new level of spirituality, or prove anything to receive the gift of the One who is already with you.

Think about it—if you need surgery and the surgeon is IN the room, do you fear that you’ll miss out or not get what you need?
No. You know He will take care of you.
Actually—that’s WHY He is there. You’re His focus, His priority, and His motivation.

Jesus is in the room. Lock eyes with Him. Lean into His care and lessen your worry.

The Giver—of every good + holy + helpful + lovely thing—is in room.
The Healer—of your body, heart, mind, and soul, from the inside out—is in the room.
The Guide—of your present and your future, down paths of righteousness, beside quiet streams, and towards Heaven on earth—is in the room.
The Redeemer—of every hardship, every heartache, every hurdle, and every hard thing—is in the room.
The Comforter—of the places that you know are hurting and those too deep to express—is in the room.
The Counselor—of the big crossroads decisions and the little everyday ones that determine your way—is in the room.
The Provider—of every resource that you need, every relationship that benefits your soul, and all the riches this world holds—is in the room.
The Sustainer—of every detour you didn’t see coming, every valley that feels too long, and every step that seems too scary—is in the room.
The King—of every galaxy that surrounds us, every heart that He made + every creation that is good—is in the room.

Take heart.
Look for Him.
Expect Him to move.
You are why He is here 🤍

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