He is still just as good

on September 12, 2023

Maybe you’re in the middle of a battle you thought would’ve ended a long time ago,
Maybe you’re still navigating a season you prayed to be over,
Maybe you’re in the thick of grief and the waves still keep coming,
Maybe tragedy has felt like far too familiar of a friend lately,
Maybe the terrain you’ve recently crossed has made you calloused and bitter,
Whatever it is, the hard has felt long and the heavy has been too much.
Your vision feels a little blurry, like you’re unable to dream like you used to or run as fast as you once did.
And amidst all of it, you’ve let the murkiness and uncertainty of your circumstances compromise how you see the One who is helping you through them.
If He is good, why are you still here?
If He can heal, why has He not?
If all power is His, why is He holding back?

But it is precisely here where the depths of His faithfulness are revealed. His commitment to your transformation, His pursuit of your wholeness, and His devotion to holiness will always outweigh His desire for you to know that He is moving, speaking, + present.
Because He knows that when the fog lifts, you will know Him differently.
There is a certain level of chiseling that takes place when the fire surrounds you that you would never choose to walk through without it.

Because His character never fails, He is never worried about how it appears. The human eye sees so little and the human mind can only comprehend so much; divine goodness is often wrapped in packages the flesh can’t understand or predict. The intricacy + the intimacy interwoven deep in the fabric of the hard.

It is okay to feel the weight of life and ask your Father where He is. He delights in reminding you that He is near. When your view tries to convince you that He is absent, remind your soul that the invisible gives breath to the visible.
The seas have boundaries because His hand holds them but You’ll only see the oceans.

He’s still just as good as the day He saved you.
He’s still just as merciful as the moment He pulled you out.
He’s still just as kind as the day He formed you.
Perhaps it is even greater kindness that He allows you to forget and be reminded once more.

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