He will give you the endurance

on April 16, 2024

I could tell it in her disposition…her posture…the language of her soul writing the captions without her mouth having to move at all.
She sat across from me as we waited for the boarding process to begin.
“What’s on the horizon for you today?”, I asked her.
I think she was hoping for more of a close-ended question she could answer with a flat location + move on; but she sat up, took a whole body sigh, + said, “I am headed to meet my sister + her new baby. He was born really early + I’m nervous. I just got back from a huge work conference + I am downright tired. Bet you didn’t expect all that at 5am did you?”
As the words rolled out of her mouth, I already knew, “Oh Jesus, I see her. I see You. Thank You for loving her in this way. It reminds me that You see me, too.”

We exchanged stories, I assured her that really tiny babies are like resilient flying squirrels + that God is in every intricate detail, including this airport interaction.
We both had assignments ahead of us—very different in nature and feeling, but both asking us to show up when we feel tired.
And even in our physical fight to remind our bodies that special strength will come, I think both our hearts felt expectant for what God is doing to do.
As I watched her pull out her phone + sort out the weight on her shoulders, I looked around + wondered, “Father…what is on the horizon for him? That precious grandpa? That teenager with the world at their fingertips? That pilot on his way again?”
All holding different weights,
All surrendering various burdens,
All distributing the weight of life,
All needing a fresh wind,
All asking for help as they go, strength as they step, + faith as they move.
All yearning for the joy that is independent of circumstances, aware that the more firm a foundation, the more joyous the journey, whatever it entails.

Oh, Father.
It is YOU that gives us endurance for this assignment—both the particulars we know + those we will learn along the way.
And perhaps the commonality to the people You have called is that getting to the end of us welcomes the strength of YOU.

You will fill us with JOY as we go. The kindness of Your hand will hold us. Thanks for showing me already 🤍

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