Hearing God require margin

on October 05, 2023

We always have something going on in the background. There is music on, the television blaring, people talking, or our phones ringing—all while we often have the mental checklist of our current obligations or the strategy we are forming to handle the future running through our minds.
In other words, SILENCE is rare. If it is not intentionally created by us, it hardly happens to us. Because even when our circumstances present a quiet moment, we fill it with the false comfort we find in noise.
We say we don’t have the margin but in reality? We don’t expect Him to meet us there.

But can I tell you why you + I need to get serious about creating space for silence?

🤍 It helps us find our deep breath. Often times, we don’t realize how hurried our steps are + how frantic our pace is until we are forced to slow down. Sometimes, the worry isn’t about what we are walking through; rather, our bodies just needed to be allowed to breathe for a moment.

🤍 Silence creates margin to hear God. Hearing God is the richness of our lives. It is what infuses hope into our souls. It is the birthplace of any worthwhile dream. It is the catalyst to our faith and our courage. It reminds us that we are in relationship with Him—it’s not one-sided. He gives wisdom generously.

🤍 Silence reminds us that God is NOT silent. ever. Even when our circumstances feel impossible, He is working. As we quiet our hearts, we can lean into the promises He has already made over our lives. We don’t have to be paralyzed in our present when the Promise-keeper has aligned, arranged, + assured our future.

🤍 Silence ushers PEACE. Not the kind that can dissipate with uncertainty or difficulty but the kind that is so deeply rooted in WHO we follow, it completely trusts Him with the what, how, where, + when. It provides us with the strength, confidence, + hope that we need in this moment. It is the greatest, most magnetic, + desirable way to live—at peace.

Silence. It won’t come automatic. But it will save our souls. Because when all the noise dies down, our lives will answer the question of whether we lived pursuing distraction or we lived creating space.
The glorious part is that we get to decide.

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