Heavenly joy is everything!

on September 04, 2023

Another Monday, another M I R A C L E 🌟
Another new beginning to let Heaven inform everything that we see and having faith in what we can’t see.
Another canvas to embrace every color available to us, inside + outside our comfort zones, and watch the creativity + passion of the Holy Spirit come alive in + around us!
Another week guaranteed by grace, driven by compassion, ensured by hope, paved with peace, and FILLED with the faithfulness of the Father.
Is there anything sweeter?

Jesus, Thank You!
Thank You for this moment and every one that comes after—we know we are not entitled to a single one.
Help us remember the necessity + power of sitting with You FIRST.
Reset our gaze on what lasts,
Renew our minds with what is true,
Restore our strength beyond what is natural.
Refresh our souls in what is holy + helpful.
You give us vision for what we need to see and faith for what we can’t.
You increase our passion for where we are and amplify our courage for where we are going.

Thank You for simplifying our lives.
Give us the discernment and strength to release whatev can go, not holding a single thing that doesn’t belong.
Clear the clutter.
Turn down the voices.
Minimize our inputs so we can maximize our focus + effectiveness.
Tune our hearts into what You say about others—let that filter determine how we see them.
If we are not leaders in mercy, kindness, + love, who will be?

Thank You for giving us JOY that makes no sense—joy that is so deeply rooted in Heaven, earth can’t shake it or steal it.
It is our weapon upon entering uncertainty, our secret power when circumstances feel shaky, and our gift in every moment that we walk with You.
Guide us in operating FROM it, not for it.

We are so grateful, Father!
For all of it.
Humbling our spirits, reminding our spirit of what Your Word says, and putting first things first, we feel the difference in every space.
Eyes opened.
Involved in miracles.
Heaven on our minds, the gift of each day on earth on our hearts.

What a Monday 🌟 You will sustain us!

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