Help me as I navigate each moment today

on October 16, 2023

Another Monday, another M I R A C L E 🌟
Another new beginning to step back, see the world through His eyes, and soar holding His hand.
Another clean slate to receive the mercy that feels far too good and too holy and too wonderful to be true—and then to give it to those all around us.

Jesus, thank You.
When I’m worn out, You’re faithful.
When I’m struggling to see, You’re faithful.
When I’m discouraged, You’re faithful.
When I’m navigating uncertainty, You’re faithful.
When I’m overwhelmed, You're faithful.
When I’m wrestling with my emotions, You’re faithful.
When I’m self-consumed, You’re faithful.
At all moments, in every season and in every struggle and in every story You write, You are fully and totally You. All-knowing and all-good.
Your sovereignty is PAIRED with Your intimacy; Your bigness never takes away from Your ability to notice every small detail. You care. You’re invested in my life and my future; You have redeemed my past and given me new ground to take and enjoy.
You allot my boundaries and they are protective and helpful.
My peace is found in Your presence and it NEVER leaves me. This week, there will never be a moment where I’ll have to figure it out on my own. Your wisdom, strength, and power are forever at my disposal.
My identity is rooted in being Your child and my birthright is the crown that You’ve placed upon my head; knowing this truth and this promise give me so much gratitude and hope for now and forever.

Thank You.
Help me reclaim any space I’ve let the enemy speak a lie, tell me I don’t belong, whisper words of discouragement, or tell me I’m ill-equipped. I’ve been readied for THIS day before me.

It will never get old or normal to me that the King cares and delights in every detail of MY life.
I receive that love and affection with open arms—may it drive every interaction I have today.
Help the world see You in me, no matter what it takes.

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