Help me do one thing at a time today

on October 02, 2023

Another Monday, another M I R A C L E 🌟
Another opportunity to receive the loving care of the Father who never misses a detail of everything about our lives.
Another new beginning to structure our time, give our resources, allocate our energy, and build our lives around the Kingdom that outlasts everything—the kingdom of Heaven—it forever reigns!

Jesus, thank You!
Thank You for the deep breath of this fresh canvas.
Thank You for not asking us to strive for new mercy; rather, for commanding us to rest in the gift that it is.
Thank You for being who You are to us at all moments, in every season, amidst every struggle—when our hearts are breaking and when restoration is happening and all the healing in-between.

Will You help us be people of focus today?
It is impossible to get clarity on something when we are trying to see everything at once—remind us of this.
Show us how to pursue excellence + diligence in one continual direction. Focus is the result of zeroing in on what You call us to prioritize and trusting You with what falls. Help us do this.

Thank You for calming our emotions and settling our soul in You.
You are the Wonderful Counselor and the Navigator of every “new normal” we must find.
Infuse us with the courage to be vulnerable, knowing that we are safe with You. You know it all anyway, even the groaning we can’t express.
Help us be leaders; may we let the emotions subside before we decide. Guide us in taking steps down the narrow way—no other route will provide us with the purpose, peace, and power we are craving.

Thank You for embracing us always.
You’re our safe space and our hiding place.
You’re the whisper that cuts through the noise of the world and helps us rise above.
We feel You. We see You in everything around us.

Good is what you are. Loved is who we are because of You.
Gratitude overflows.

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