Here's your permission slip to take a break

on January 31, 2024

To be honest, I’m not great at providing breathing room.
I want to be but somehow I still end up tending to the many different tabs open in my head.
Nature is often the friend that really helps me step away. New experiences, also. Capturing my attention in the moment as I wonder what I will experience next, I’m reminded of the power of being present. And when I do? IT IS SO FREEING!

Every post that you see on this feed, I write in real-time. Yes I know, I should work on strategically planning but for me? It feels raw, authentic, + true. And to be honest, it’s helped me remain consistent + actually hear where YOU are at.
It’s overflow after my own personal quiet time and if I don’t invite the Holy Spirit into it, it’s just words.

But when I read the pages of scripture + study the life of Jesus and the place our culture is at now, I wonder what He would say.
How would He most advise us to protect our souls + prepare our hearts for this world?
I think about Jesus + how often He “retreated to lonely places and prayed.” I wonder how He would handle our digital age + what rhythms He would implement?
What pace would He walk?

My hope for my life, and even this IG feed, is that it would honor God, whatever that asks of me.
That it would be like a well-watered garden; a spring whose waters never fail because they are rooted deeply in the character of God, nourished by the Word of God, and strengthened by the promises of God.
Releasing the need to strive,
letting go of the FOMO,
stripping away any comparison,
and keeping my eyes locked on Jesus.
I yearn for Heaven to remain on my horizon at all times, no matter how loud the present feels.

Allowing space to listen and receive and just BE—it helps us operate differently.
As we sit with Jesus, He helps us see where we may need to let His love and His light to lead us, mend us, hold us, restore us, guide us, + shepherd us forward.

Is there anything more important than the health of your soul?
When is the last time you stepped away for a little soul cleanse?

“Walk with Me and work with Me—watch how I do it”, He says.
Yes, Jesus. We want nothing less 🤍 show us how.
Replenish us. We only want You.

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