Hey Jesus, thank You.

on July 10, 2023

Another Monday, another M I R A C L E 💫
Another chance to receive the love of the perfect Father and live out of that overflow, letting it deep into every nook and cranny of our lives.
Another opportunity to turn up His voice, align with His values, and trust His validation as we pursue the life we are called to live!

Thank You a million times over for everything.
Help me take the time to name my blessings and voice my gratitude, taking into account how specific and personal You are in all that You give and do.
Though I may be in the same place doing the same thing, this week is anything but mundane.
There are new things to discover, important conversations to be had, revelations to uncover, and ground to take—I’m excited and expectant.

I know that my superpower will be trusting Your power—that’s it!
Giving You everything and holding nothing back. What You give will always lead to the richest, fullest, most enjoyable life imaginable—I just forget that sometimes I get shortsighted and want the “now” blessings—give me perspective when that happens.

As I choose my words, form my perspective, deliver my responses, and act in everyday moments, I’m so grateful for the ability to step back, seek truth, and soundly make decisions.
With the Holy Spirit, I have full authority over my emotions and You want me to be accountable to this.
I am not a victim to my thoughts and hurt feelings don’t control my life—Your Spirit does.
Infuse me with confidence in Your promises and help me cling to truth.
You always validate my feelings, let me experience them, and then help me know what is worth believing.
What grace that is!

This week, holding Your hand, I will walk into uncharted waters and boldly use my gift. There is no accident in where You’ve placed me, what You’ve given me, and how You’ve made me—that is absolute!
Release any pressure I have added to perform or be perfect; remove my comparative lens and give me Your eyes.

Father, KINDNESS is how You operate. It’s in everything You do, all that You say, and in every way You instruct me to live.
It’s who You are—help me be the same 🫶🏻

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