Hey Jesus, Thank You for the gift of a new day

on May 20, 2024

Another Monday, another M I R A C L E 💫
Another new beginning full of days that have never happened before! Full of possibility and wonder and hope!
Another clean slate where the Savior has washed you white as snow and the Holy Spirit is prepared to lead you forward onto fresh ground…are you ready?

Jesus, thank You!!!!!!!!
You’re in all of it—every detail.
Your kindness made the sun rise again and as my lungs filled up with air once again, I am overwhelmed by who You are.
Does it ever change? Will my forgetfulness alter Your faithfulness? Does my fear make You think less of me? Does my grief over what was take away from my faith of what You’re doing? Does my craving for normalcy upset You?
Reading Your Word + hearing Your voice, I know the answer to these is no. You’re constant and so is Your affection towards me—it is the foundation for my confidence and my strength.

Give me laser-focus of what matters in THIS season. And today. Tomorrow will come as it may and with it, different resources and circumstances and expectations. But today is my only responsibility.
Thank You for this discipline in my spirit so that I don’t rob myself or my family of enjoying the present because we know that You hold our future—full of goodness and JOY!!! And Your presence! THAT is our true gift with every step.

Hide me under the shadow of Your wings.
Keep me safe. Healthy. Devoted. Humble. Steady. Merciful. Grace-giving.
Finding space for the quiet, Your love grows loud.
Thank You for providing supernatural energy, unwavering care, and permanent peace amidst the uncertainties in and around me.
A sound mind is mine in You, Father.

Excited to partner with You and learn to trust You more—the richest currency I have.

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