Hey Jesus, thank You for the gift of another Monday.

on March 13, 2023

Another Monday, another M I R A C L E 🌟
Another chance to sit with the One who made Heaven and earth and realize the power of knowing the Creator.
Another new beginning to embrace the relationships that surround us, bringing strength and JOY to hearts that desperately need it.
Another week to witness miracles everywhere!

Jesus, thank You.
You never have to prove Your faithfulness or do a single thing to assure us that You see us + You love us and yet You fill this earth with reminders.
Because of Your heart and Your hands, the sun warms the world below it,
we get to offer radical kindness to all we know,
our workplaces become breeding ground for Your glory to be shown,
forgiveness is always possible,
the mundane becomes transformative + exciting,
storms are filled with silver linings and new showings of strength,
our emotions no longer determine the direction we travel,
grace encompasses our every move,
And LIFE is full of wonder we could never deserve.

Thank You for nudging us into the unfamiliar when we want to stay comfortable; we know that we will never regret being courageous because You are with us.
The more that we welcome the unknown and adventure into the uncomfortable, the tighter we will hold Your hand and KNOW that it is actually Your presence that is the miracle.
The reward of reaching our destination pales in comparison to journeying with You all the way there.
Developing our trust, strengthening our resolve, deepening our dependency, and planting our perspective in Heaven’s view…THAT is a rich life.

Help us, Father.
Eyes WIDE open to You,
Hearts at ease knowing You know the way.

Miracles on miracles…a million little miracles…all possible because of Your grace.

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