Hey Jesus, will You help me today?

on April 24, 2023

Another Monday, Another M I R A C L E 🌟
Jesus, thank You for this day and the week ahead—for every space that You have ordained, every situation that You have shown Your sovereignty over, and every shortcoming that we will face because THAT is where Your mercy and Your favor will make themselves known.

Will you renew my mind and restore my strength? Help me recalibrate to what is true so that I spend my energy on what matters. Heaven-focused and mission-minded, Your armor makes me ready.

Help me refocus my eyes and revive my passion. When I feel frustrated with my view, exhausted by the demands, or worried about what’s ahead, will You meet me where I am and ensure me of the purpose of the place I stand?

Help me redeem my time and replenish my energy. I want to be a person of diligence, intentionality, and wisdom. Your timeline supersedes anything this world has to say and You don’t adhere to culture’s expectations. If I put my hands and heart to where You direct, I will find new energy for this place.

You are who You say that You are.
You will do what You say You will do.
Your Word is trustworthy and Your ways are sure.
My day and my week are full of possibility because Your hands hold it all—Your gentle, grace-giving, generous hands hold it all.


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