His eyes are on you.

on July 06, 2023

When you know that the King of Kings has His eyes locked on you, it provides the deepest surge of energy, the greatest wave of comfort, and the surest steady ground underneath you.
Because you know His loving gaze steers, soothes, simplifies, and saturates your soul with peace, it is an immediate game-changer.
But the only way that you will know His eyes haven’t moved from you is if yours are directed at Him.
Despite the distractions,
In the midst of the storms,
No matter the surrounding opinions,
During all the transitions,
As you make little + big decisions,
While you operate in your everyday mundane surroundings, are you looking at Him?

Survey some before you….
Peter as he stepped out of the boat onto the tumultuous waters…
Abraham as he set out on an adventure with no specific destination in mind…
David, as he entered the battlefield and faced the giant no one could conquer…
Elisha as he encouraged his servant who could only see the many that opposed them…
Mary, as she willingly signed up for a nearly impossible task of carrying the Savior whom she knew would be slain…
And a million more instances.
The difference in direction of every story is always where their eyes are.
When you take your eyes off of Him, you size up your circumstances based on your own vision, your own strength, your limited abilities, + your small imagination.
But when you keep your eyes locked on Him?
You remember that struggles are a setup for His faithfulness, lack of vision breeds trust in His provision, scarcity is an opportunity for divine deliverance, and Heavenly peace can calm any storm within you.

Where are your eyes?
I do mean literally, but I also mean figuratively.
Who are you trusting in? Where is your focus? What are you afraid of?
Is your phone capturing your affection more than the throne that seals your destination?

Eyes on JESUS.
It often does not alter the circumstances; the power is that it transforms you. And then? You operate, orchestrate, oblige, + obey differently.

The Shepherd doesn’t take His eyes off you—what peace that is.

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