Hold onto the Promise-keeper's word

on June 27, 2024

“Do you see it?”, Will asked.
“No! Where?”
He had stopped the beach cart and was pointing at the sky for Sledge and I to notice the rainbow, too.
As I scanned the skies and looked out into the deep, there it was…tucked into a little pocket of the sky, a rainbow 🌈
Hidden by the clouds and originally feeling so distant, we walked towards the streaks of color in the sky and it began to get closer.
I suppose it didn’t move, but we did.
What originally felt hard to see now became my banner; I couldn’t see anything else. It’s funny how that works.

With each step, I could hear the Holy Spirit—you know He wasn’t going to miss this opportunity to speak.
“Remember what we talked about earlier this week? This is my response. Sometimes, my promise feels distant because I’m calling you into the deep. You can trust me.”
My entire face smiled. Truly.
What’s so wild is that I didn’t realize I had concluded something about a situation and then, had decided to carry it with me. In this moment, I realized I had made it a weight but the Maker of the seas considered it an opportunity for wonder.
Because isn’t that what most worries are when we break them down?
Either an opportunity to worry and imagine God not moving as we hoped or an opportunity to wonder and witness His presence in a way we couldn’t have predicted.

I don’t know what this is for you…it could be a million things…
The promise of healing in a relationship,
The promise of deliverance in a stronghold,
The promise of getting married or having a child,
The promise of strength when you feel weary,
The promise of restoration of any kind,
Or just the promise of knowing His presence…and it feels hard to see or know or trust.

But it’s there.
His covenant can’t be removed from you.
From generation to generation, the streaks of color in the sky whisper to His people, “I have not left you. I know what I’m doing.”

Hold onto the Promise-keeper’s word, no matter how faint the color. Hoping in Jesus will never put you to shame 🌈🤍

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