How is your heart today?

on July 18, 2023

I always see him working; truly, every time I go to the grocery store, he is there. So—this time, I went to his line + could feel that he needed to be recognized. We started talking + as he asked + I answered, + then vice versa, I literally saw relief find him.

Granted, there’s usually not much time for an exchange at the grocery store, but it didn’t require much. It was like being asked the question made his lane wider and he had more space to move around as he scanned items.
I can’t explain it.
The simple question of—“How’s your heart?”
Not the “How are you?”, allowing for the tangible shift of “Good, ready to get off!”

We had built a grocery store friendship 😂 and I knew he wouldn’t think I was totally crazy but now, he knows I’m coming for him 🤪

Do you know? Have your hands been so consumed or distracted that you aren’t really sure?
Do you feel unmotivated at a place you used to get fired up?
Do you feel unseen in a relationship or workplace and it’s making you wonder if anyone sees you?
Are you struggling to trust God with a specific circumstance + it’s stealing your mental energy?
How’s your heart? What is wearing it down? Building it up?
How we doing? Truly?

Jesus cares so much about this answer.
It’s His focus. His mission. His reason for coming— that your heart would realize it’s worth, and then live accordingly.
That you would be so connected to the One who made you, you would know when to step back + recalibrate.

It sounds so very elementary but honestly ask yourself—do you believe that the health of your heart is more important than the work of your hands?
Though it is easy to say yes, the answer is found in the priority associated with either.

When you decide to give room to the heart, the hands regain their strength, remember their purpose, + feel the revival of the vine.
It is always overflow.

Hand production without heart involvement/awareness will always lead to discontent, weariness, + burnout.
Let the heart lead the hands. Give priority to it.

The wellspring! Drink from the well today and remind your heart of the One who made you. Ask it how it’s doing and ask others, too.

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