How to avoid the chaos of the holiday season...

on October 25, 2023

The sales have begun, the decorations are out, and the hustle is starting to happen for the holiday season that’s quickly approaching.
Despite how the world swirls around you, you can avoid the chaos with Jesus, remembering to:

🤍 Know your capacity—in this exact season with what’s in YOUR hands + on your horizon, what is realistic for you? Knowing your limits allows you to run full-force to your yeses + avoid the temptation of the no’s.


🤍 Sometimes the stress is brought about simply because you waited to do it all at once or at the last minute. Do what you can along the way, sparing yourself the frantic rush of feeling behind.


🤍 Beautiful tablescapes and a spread for the queen are welcomed + lovely but people always remember how experiences made them feel. Will your home be one of warmth + peace or stress + striving?


🤍 When you keep prayer as the prerequisite for all things, wisdom, strength, + perspective guide you. Jesus will always help you sort out your emotions, your struggles, and increase your bandwidth for what matters.


🤍 The quickest way to feel small, insecure, or unsure of where you stand is to compare it to others. Release the pressure + impossible standards; JOY is rooted in keeping your eyes on Jesus as He purifies the motivation of your heart.


🤍 Let go of the desire to be everything to everyone or go everywhere this holiday season; make decisions that protect + bless YOUR family. Prioritize, communicate, + watch Jesus help you focus.


🤍 Serving others is like taking a car up the mountain instead of walking to see the view—you quickly realize, “THIS is what it’s all about!” Heaven’s vantage point. It is way more fun to give than to receive.


🤍 Walk + talk about what you’re grateful for. How is God showing up for you + your family? Speaking life opens your eyes to the everyday miracles happening this holiday season.


🤍 There will be mess-ups and a little madness that enters every now and then—it’s called humanity. Be okay with knowing God is the only one who won’t let you down; accepting this helps you love everyone else.

Let this year be different 🌟 A year where peace leads, grace flows, + Heaven guides you.

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