I am equipped for this day.

on January 26, 2023

Before we begin, He has already boldly declared.
Before we start our days, He has already solidified His stake here.
And so, we will vocalize what The Creator of this day has said to be true about us, this day before us, and ALL that we will face.

Whatever we face, He’s got us.
When it’s just what we hoped for or the last thing we hoped for, we have everything that we need to walk forward with the confidence of David, the passion of Paul, and the excellence of Noah.
Sometimes it takes us moving forward in the direction He’s instructed before we realize that He has given us every tool we need to be there. And not just be there, but excel there—make a difference there—make Him proud there. It’s in our tool bag.

The notion of being graced for something requires us to have a gap between what is needed and what is currently present.
It is THERE that God’s presence fills every space—overflowing, abundantly, completely showing up where we cannot.
Heavenly Favor doesn’t accept applications; it operates under birthright. Because we are His, His favor is certain.
The authority of grace is always accompanied by the accountability of it; now, we must live as people who realize the gift that they’ve been given.

It is not a mild excitement or an emotion triggered by circumstantial evidence; our expectancy derives from a deep knowing that His faithfulness will meet us here once again.
We pray, knowing He is listening.
We say yes to His nudges, knowing He is leading.
We fully trust His hand, knowing His heart is loving.
We aren’t expectant for a good day; we are expectant for a glory-filled, miracle-working, Heaven-to-earth kinda day.
That’s not unusual—that’s His standard 🙌🏻

You. Me. We—we are the body of Christ and there is absolutely no greater calling 🤍


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