I see Your kindness in a million different ways

on February 12, 2024

Another Monday, another M I R A C L E 🌟
Another chance to lay our head on the chest of our Heavenly Father and hear His heartbeat for us—steadfast, true, and perfectly in rhythm.
Another opportunity to welcome whatever is on the horizon with unquenchable joy and unshakeable peace, aware that the One who establishes our way is the very person of goodness.

Jesus, thank You!!!
Thank You for it all—for everything. Thank You for the things that feel good and the things that feel hard—we know that You’re using both to equip us, edify us, encourage us, and empty us of anything that doesn’t look like You.

As we plan our schedules and prioritize our days, help us be people of great focus and diligence. We know that success isn’t found in doing a lot of things or in doing anything well; rather, it is only discovered through putting our hands to what YOU want us to hold.
When distractions arise, help us be sober-minded and realign our thoughts. Our actions will follow.
Thank You for helping us be people of ENDURANCE. When it gets uncomfortable or hard, Your strength and power kicks in. We aren’t looking to be safe or seek tangible rewards; we want to bring Heaven to earth, knowing that the greatest reward we could ever have is YOU. Your presence. That is the richness and fullness and joy of life.

As we interact with others, make decisions, and show up in our daily places You’ve called us to, remind us that anxiety and fear will be a temptation—BUT, You. You are here. Your Word is true. Help us cling to Your Word in every moment, knowing that it preserves our hope and plants our feet on solid ground.

We are so grateful, Father.
You have given us the Holy Spirit—our greatest friend, our confidant, our gentle whisper of discernment, our comforter amidst hard moments, our peace amidst anxious moments, and the truest voice.

You made us.
We are Your people and You are our God and this truth of belonging + security determines everything about our week 🤍

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