In the deepest valleys, God's strength is seen the greatest in you.

on July 25, 2023

Felt so pressed to write this, I could barely type fast enough.
There is a lot going on within your own world but also in the circumstances + lives of people around you. Tuning into the frequencies of frailty, sometimes it just feels so…heavy. Loud. Wearisome.
Maybe it’s you who feels in the thick of this season or maybe it’s someone close to you but none of us are far off.
It is the reality of humanity.
But perhaps—it is also the richness of it.
Because what do you know to be true?
That where hope feels fleeting, God’s glory is being revealed.
That where the darkness feels looming, the light is always greater.
That where your rope ends, His begins.
That where forces seem stacked against you or those you love, Heaven’s armies are surrounding every space.

Maybe the bootstraps aren’t the call right now.
Could it be that grit isn’t found in you folding further in half as you carry the boulder on your own shoulders but in allowing it to be lifted + trusting it on His?

I think in seasons of great disappointment, hardship, grief, or weariness, you can know it one day + the next day, you feel like the weight was reapplied.
You JUST learned how to breathe again…and now the smog has covered your view once more.

But what if this is because you GAINED ground, not lost it? As in, because you fell into His arms yesterday + He advanced forward, the smog seems to have returned but it’s not because you’re in the same place?

Take heart. Oh, take heart.
Your weakness is your strength and if the world knew this, it wouldn’t be so hopeless.
Fall into His arms right where you are.
He won’t ask you to pretend; He will let you feel.
He won’t placate the somber reality: He will mourn with you.
But then? He will help you remember the joy of your salvation and it will sanctify, save, and soothe your soul.

In the deepest valleys, God’s strength is seen the greatest in you.
You are on stable ground.
The weight will not crush you.
God KNEW you’d be here.
Hope is alive + His refuge is a safe place.

There is relief coming but also—there is peace here—as you place your faith in what can’t be seen.
Then—it can never be taken away.
Do you see how strong that is?

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