Jesus doesn't need you to "get it together."

on May 02, 2024

Could it be that what you don’t know is your greatest asset?
Could it be that what feels like your lack of vision is actually your greatest source of clarity?
Could it be that the very thing you’re exhausting yourself to hold onto is the very thing God needs you to release so that He can prune you, prepare you, position you for what’s next?

Herein lies one of the greatest tricks of the enemy: “Fix this up and then you can go to Jesus.”
Fix this up.
Clean this up.
Make this prettier.
Make this more linear.
Get a better grip on this area of your life and then you can take it to the throne.
He doesn’t outright tell you not to go to Jesus; he just puts contingencies on your communication, causing you to believe that you have control over something you were never meant to carry or clean up.
The enemy wants you to work righteousness out by your own strength because he knows you’ll be utterly exhausted and constantly disappointed.
He’s terrified of your success? No. Your SURRENDER.
Because He knows that if you truly fall into the arms of the everlasting Father, you’ll stop tapping into his temporary places of pleasure because your soul will remember its Maker. It’s source. It’s supplier. Its purpose. Its origin. It’s inheritance. It’s HOME.

When I have tried to make things more presentable for God before offering them to Him, I have found myself ill-equipped, isolated, and inwardly focused without the ability to “snap myself out of it and get it done.”
I had forgotten that the creator of my being, the giver of every good gift, and the lover of my soul was not looking for confirmation that I could do it; He was yearning for my trust that He could do what I cannot.

There are certain things you hold a tighter grip on…what are they?
Why are you hesitant to give them to the One who holds all things together?
Are you willing to look “in process” to the outside world so that the the Waymaker can do His greatest work within you?

When you find yourself trying to put a few dots together because you relinquish it to the One who aligned the stars, remind yourself that even your GREATEST efforts could never accomplish what grace already has.
Falling is STRENGTH to Him 🤍

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