Kill your pride

on May 08, 2024

In the moment, this feels hard sometimes. Because you’re covered in flesh, brokenness is part of your everyday experience, + people are complex (including you!), your pride often wants to take the wheel.
Whether it’s proving a point in conversation, letting your hurt instead of your health determine your decision, or making judgements of others based on the little that you know that feels loud at the time, pride has a way of deceiving your heart into what feels good over what is good.
Pride is often the flesh’s way of screaming to be seen + deemed significant but asking in a way that forgets Jesus.

But guess what? You have the Holy Spirit.
You have the Word of God.
You have the weapon of worship.
You have the strength of community.
You have the supernatural gift of prayer.
You have access to every fruit of the Spirit—in abundant supply—whenever you need it.
Love that permeates the space + reminds you of the mission.
Joy that lifts your spirit when your emotions want to take over.
Peace that encompasses your situation + settles your spirit.
Patience with yourself, others, and God as He moves.
Kindness that looks past what is + believes for what can be.
Goodness that fights for the hope + strength of Heaven to be made known.
Faithfulness that resets your gaze on who you’re serving,
Gentleness that honors others above yourself + prioritizes people.
Self-control that activates the power of Holy Spirit discernment.

Do you want healing or do you want to prove a point?
Do you want to please the Father or are you controlled by man?
Do you trust the will of the Father or are you trying to take control of an outcome?

Kill your pride.
In every place you walk into—your home, your workplace, your errands, your school.
With every person, especially when it’s hard.
You’re not losing, you’re winning. If the goal is honoring Jesus, remaining tender when it’s tough will always please His heart.
Aren’t you glad the Rescuer continues to lavish grace instead of protect His point or pride?
Your life is the benefactor every day.

Fight to see others, yourself, and the world the way Jesus does. Because ultimately, that’s what you want—a life that honors your forever home 🤍

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