Life hacks to remember

on June 12, 2024

You know these things…but somehow, life moves fast and you get to the end of your day and you feel frustrated by not applying the wisdom He has already shown you.
Decide that today will be different.

Remember these life hacks:
🤍 The decision you need to make, the relationship you need help navigating, the uncertainty ahead, how to grow your business—ANY OF IT—He knows. Why wouldn’t you ask Him above anyone?

🤍 In every relational interaction, professional exchange, or communication of any kind, GRACE WINS. It is choosing to see life + others through His lens.

🤍 If you don’t want something to be true, don’t speak it out loud. You can navigate reality while living with a language of hope, strength, + authority. Your feet step where your mouth steers.

🤍 You might not actually get the discernment on the next thing until you move on THIS one. Give momentum to the present + you’ll find motivation for the future.

🤍 There is no shortcut to hard, important, hand-in-the-dirt work. That’s a good thing—your body, soul, mind, + spirit crave being diligent.

🤍 Time management is always an area of stress—the key? Following the Shepherd. He will maximize time, multiply impact, + make miracles happen. And only He knows the detours + your destiny.

🤍 When you feel stuck, struggling, or stagnant because of what others think, remember: they are probably focused on their own thing. Be free + be YOU! They won’t be standing beside you when you meet Jesus.

🤍 What you expect about something + someone determines how you see it + steward it. Remove the expectations from people + put them on Jesus. Then, you’ll never be let down.

🤍 Growth makes you happy!!!!!!! So try!! And then try again! Show up! Contentment isn’t found in perfection; it’s discovered in healthy growth.

🤍 Need more efficiency? Productivity? Slow down. Give time to assess what’s most important + impactful and do that. Living rushed makes you reactive, not remarkable.

Life hack? Surrender to Jesus. That’s pretty much it.
Heaven lasts forever.
Just travel lightly, okay? Take God seriously but have fun with life.

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