Living with eternity in mind

on January 29, 2024

Another Monday, another M I R A C L E 💫
Another opportunity to truly release whatever is keeping you from running the race He has set for you and walk fully in the way of righteousness.
Another chance to witness miracles on miracles, aware that the hand that makes every one of them happen is the God who is holding you.
How could it be that the One who designed every detail determined that you were His favorite?! and yet, it is so.

Jesus, thank You.
This new week is blanketed by Your mercy—mercy that doesn’t keep score, review performance, or extend hesitation based on anything but the goodness and sovereignty of God. Constant. Sure. Safe to bet on in every circumstance and the reason why we can have healthy soil in our lives to actually let things grow.
As we look out on the horizon of possibility and plan for where our time will go, help us receive this mercy with open arms and fully embrace the blessing of a new beginning.
You are always our restart, our replenishment, our restorer, and our redeemer.
You don’t tire out or get complacent or second guess your commitment to Your people, despite ourselves.
You make everything new and it is good.
It is GOOD to be loved by you.

Thank You for the reminder that who we are becoming is far more important than anything we could ever accomplish or any destination we could find ourselves.
Eternity-minded is our greatest mission.
Letting the keeper of our soul be the determinant of our energy, resources, and hope is a life well-lived.

We see Your hand all around us and we won’t stop looking for traces of Your kindness; it is through You that anything and everything find its worth.

Align us.
Move us.
Comfort us.
Position us.
Encourage us.
Shepherd us.
Calm us.
Hold us and then send us out—nothing is more important than growing Your Kingdom.

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