LOVE. Receive it + give it out today.

on February 14, 2023

Whether it’s the text you didn’t get from a potential new flame,
Whether it’s the flowers from your spouse you didn’t receive,
Whether it’s the lack of acknowledgement of gifts you provided to others,
Whether it’s the season of singleness you thought you’d be done with,
Whether it’s the healing process you thought you’d be further along in that you’re still in the thick of,
Whether it’s just a simple desire of your heart that you wonder if God sees or cares about,
Whatever it is—it is hard when you don’t get to walk in the fruition of a longing, no matter how small or big it is.
That unmet expectation that is deep-seeded in your heart becomes a boulder to you walking forward in the love you DO receive today.
You don’t mean to, you just feel so stuck on what isn’t happening or what should’ve passed or what someone else didn’t do, that you miss the whole point!

Only you control your expectations. Nobody else.
And today? Today is Valentine’s Day.
And emotions are louder on holidays. They simply are. Maybe it’s the highlight reel of everyone else’s tokens of affection that make you feel like those you’ve received aren’t enough or maybe it’s the realization that you’re still single and everyone else seems to…not be.
Or maybe it has nothing to do with the romantic side and your heart just feels like the world around you is living it up with no care for your pain or discouragement.

But the very One who came as love, created love, perfected love, and IS love itself—Jesus—He knows what today holds.
He knows the challenges you face and still He says—“HEY! Look up. Embrace what IS and trust that I see, I know, I control, I connect, I care, and I can do all things. Receive my love. Just soak in it. Talk to Me about your disappointment. Ask Me how to let things go and walk in love. That is your heart’s cry—to feel the realness of love today. Together, we will surpass that expectation.”

LOVE. That’s it. It’s wildly simply and also utterly difficult because it strips away what doesn’t matter.

Tomorrow, you will have wished you kept your heart open + your soul expectant this Valentine’s Day. Expect the love of God to meet you—that’s it❤️

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